LMS Power Panel: From Selection to ROI

Meredith Butler
Dan Freeman
Hannah Andrews
Hope Liu
02 Feb 2023
1:45 pm - 2:45 pm EST

LMS Power Panel: From Selection to ROI

A learning management system (LMS) often plays an essential part in supporting an organization’s strategy for its learning business. But how do you select and implement a platform that serves business and learner needs, achieves the strategic return you seek, and doesn’t drain organizational resources in the process?

In this session, a panel of learning business professionals will share how to get the most out of a platform. Sharing what they wish they’d known, the panelists will cover strategic and tactical considerations:

  • Communicating effectively with all stakeholders
  • Getting crystal clear about the desired user experience
  • Creating capacity for implementing, supporting, and growing the platform
  • Understanding the what, where, and how of data: what’s collected, where it lives, how it will be used
  • Planning appropriately for marketing and revenue generation

In addition to sharing their experience, Hannah Andrews of the Endocrine Society, Meredith Butler of the Arizona Society of CPAs, Dan Freeman of the American Library Association, and Hope Liu of VentureWell will also address questions from Live Review attendees.