If you sell continuing education or professional development...

... Live Review was the platform demo event. And now it's part of a great new event: the Learning Business Summit.

What It Is

Live Review is a free multi-day, entirely online event that allows you to efficiently and effectively see targeted demos of learning management systems aligned to serving organizations that market and sell adult lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development and attend educational sessions to help you better understand the learntech landscape. View the detailed schedule.

Who It Serves

Live Review is an event for trade and professional associations, training firms, continuing education divisions, and other organizations that serve the market for adult lifelong learning. It offers professionals from these organizations a way to accelerate their LMS selection process by easily reviewing a range of platforms from a range of vendors and by learning about what goes into a successful selection process.

Who's behind it

Live Review is an offshoot of ReviewMyLMS, a user-generated review site focused specifically on learning management systems that are a good fit for market-facing learning businesses. ReviewMyLMS is owned by Tagoras, a firm that has advised market-facing learning businesses for more than a decade on selecting and implementing the right learning technologies.

Participating Platforms

The platforms below will be demonstrated at Live Review in 2023.
  • Elevate powered by Cadmium
  • WBT Systems TopClass Logo
  • BenchPrep
  • Thought Industries logo
  • CourseStage LMS by Web Courseworks
  • CrowdWisdom by Community Brands
  • Path LMS powered by Cadmium
  • Freestone by Community Brands Logo
  • MapleLMS
  • EthosCE powered by Cadmium


Live Review 2023 will be held over three days, January 31 to February 2, entirely online. Each learning platform will be demonstrated in its own session, and each day will include educational sessions to help you better understand the current state of learntech and how to choose a platform to fit your needs. Check out the detailed schedule.

We encourage your live attendance as we reserve a significant portion of each session for Q&A. Sessions will be recorded and made available for purchase after the live event. The recordings will be provided free of charge to registrants who attend at least three sessions live.

Please note: Employees and representatives of participating companies or other learning technology platform companies may not register as an attendee or attend demonstrations provided by companies other than their own. View our policies for details.

Understand LMS in 10 Minutes or Less

This brief video primer can help you or the people you work with understand what an LMS is and how LMSes that work well for learning businesses are different from those used by corporate training departments and academic institutions.

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