by DLC Solutions
Raja Venkata, EthosCE
27 Oct 2020
15:00 - 15:45 Eastern


About the Organization

EthosCE, established in 2001, is a leading web and e-learning technology firm specializing in continuing education in the health professions. We partner with more than 80 health systems, specialty organizations, and other CE associations to improve their revenue streams and learning outcomes. Our platform allows education providers to effectively manage the entire continuing education lifecycle from activity planning through outcomes measurement and reports. EthosCE Analytics, one of our cornerstone features, is built on a powerful business intelligence platform that allows CE providers to make meaningful data-driven business decisions. We are honored to have reached more than 1 million learners through the delivery of 50,000 CE activities.

Business Intelligence for Powerful Insights

EthosCE has built-in integration with a business intelligence (BI) platform called Looker, allowing CE providers to gain powerful insights about their learner interactions with courses. Several customizable dashboards are available out of the box allowing the CE provider to provide meaningful engagement metrics for marketing, education, and C-level leadership. Learn more about reports.

EthosCEAbout the Platform

EthosCE is a learning management system for continuing education in the healthcare professions. EthosCE allows education providers to manage the continuing education management lifecycle from initial activity application to faculty management, course authoring, learner registration, course delivery, and reporting. Learners register for and complete live and online activities in EthosCE, which provides the content delivery, assessments, evaluations, credit, and certificates necessary to complete a course. Education provided by EthosCE administrators can be used by healthcare and other CE providers to maintain their certification with various specialty boards, state boards of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and specialty boards such as the American Board of Internal Medicine, and others.

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