Elevate LMS

by Cadmium
Sam Hirsch, CommPartners
25 Oct 2022
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm EDT

Elevate LMS

Cadmium logoAbout the Organization

Cadmium helps associations engage their communities and extend their reach through online professional education and events. Cadmium, formed through the merging of CadmiumCD, CommPartners, EthosCE, WarpWire, and Event Rebels, works with over a thousand organizations to help them conceive, develop, and fulfill their education and events strategy. Elevate LMS, our award-winning learning platform, provides a robust suite of tools to manage curriculum-based education, community engagement, revenue generation, and live or on-demand events. This approach to supporting the learner allows organizations to holistically meet their community’s dynamic needs. To extend Elevate’s value further, we provide a wide range of services including event technology; video creation tools; hybrid, virtual, and in-person events; and fully-managed Webinar production.

About the Platform

Elevate logoElevate LMS provides associations a dynamic knowledge hub that supports the way learners are able to ingest content and progress in meeting specific curriculum requirements. A key ingredient to successful outcomes is to provide contextual learning that combines formal and informal training, collaboration and sharing of professional insights. Each of these options are key components that allow Elevate to meet a wide range of learning preferences and experiences. Programs such as webinars, livestream programs, content recordings, virtual conferences, micro credentialing , blended learning, SCORM, IACC and xAPI are all native to the platform.

Elevate was developed and has evolved in collaboration with our clients, many who have been with Elevate for over 8 years. Development is guided by each subset within the association community including law, healthcare, trade associations, societies and manufacturing. Each Elevate site can be created to mirror an organization’s Web presence and fits seamlessly with their ecosystem of applications. Elevate is supported by a team of professional staff that have an average tenure of over 12 years with the company.

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