Crowd Wisdom

by Community Brands
Phil Vervaet, VP of Sales Enablement, Crowd Wisdom
01 Feb 2023
12:45 pm - 1:30 pm

Crowd Wisdom

About the Organization

Community BrandsCommunity Brands provides a suite of cloud-based software for organizations to engage and grow relationships with the individuals they serve. Historically, many associations have relied on technology that doesn’t integrate or work well together. This creates challenges for staff and a poor experience for members when they interact with the association through different channels. To overcome this, we’ve brought together the best association technologies and integrated them into one suite. ​Together in the suite, our software works seamlessly to help associations provide more personalized and engaging experiences for members and prospects. This helps grow membership and revenue and makes staff more efficient. The integrated suite includes association management, learning management, career center, fundraising, event technology, accounting software and more.

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Crowd WisdomAbout the Platform

Empower learners to achieve their career goals with personalized learning through Crowd Wisdom LMS. You can elevate learner engagement and multiply your non-dues revenue with this highly scalable learning management system that powers the world’s most advanced professional education programs. Achieve greater learner outcomes and a more successful program with Crowd Wisdom.

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