For Participating Platforms

Bio and Photo

Please e-mail a bio and photo for whomever will present your platform at Live Review. We’d like approximately 100 words for the bio. For the photo, we’d like as high-res a photo as you can provide, and then we can edit on our side. Please send those ASAP to

Additional Contact(s) for Logistics

If we should contact someone in addition to the presenter of your platform about Live Review logistics, please let us know at

Preferred Contact Info for Attendees

Please provide the contact information we should provide to Live Review attendees who wish to reach out to your organization:

  • Preferred URL
  • Name and title of contact, if desired
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

We’ll make this information available on the Live Review Web site.

Profile Page on Live Review

We’ll create a short profile page for you on the Live Review site. Below is what we need from you:

  • A brief description of your company (100 to 200 words)
  • A brief description of your platform (100 to 200 words)
  • If you wish (and we recommend it), a call to action that might provide value or entice visitors to take some action (e.g., a link to a resource or a special offer for Live Review attendees)
  • Your company logo (high-res)
  • Your platform logo (high-res)

Please send the above ASAP to We’ll also include the contact information you provide (see the “Preferred Contact Info for Attendees” section on this page).

The Demo

You’ll be assigned a 45-minute session at Live Review.

  • Our goal is to start and end on time.
  • Plan to join your Zoom Webinar 15 minutes before your session’s start time.
  • Someone on our side will briefly introduce you (name, title, company, and platform) and immediately hand things over to you. We don’t want to take much of your demo time.
  • Prepare a 30-minute demo. You may use some slides, but attendees expect to get a true demonstration of the software. We recommend the following for your demo:
    • Focus on core strengths and key differentiators.
    • Conclude with a compelling call to action (a discount code for Live Review registrants, an “act now” offer, a value-add resource available on your site, etc.).
  • While you may spend your 30 minutes as you see fit, we will provide some suggested topics and areas to touch on that tend to interest the kinds of organizations represented by attendees and/or are likely to be top-of-mind. The following topics tend to interest the kinds of organizations represented by attendees and/or are likely to be top-of-mind:
    • Credit and certificates
      Most of our attendees issue continuing education (CE) credit for successful completion of learning content and expect learners to be able to download a certificate that indicates the amount of CE credit earned.
    • E-commerce
      Attendees tend to need tiered pricing to support member and non-member pricing or other price differences for different groups, and they’re often interested in the ability to bundle multiple products and support subscriptions.
    • Integration
      Existing integrations with AMSes and CRMs, Webinar platforms, etc., and/or your general approach to integration would be of interest to attendees.
    • Mobile access
      Is mobile access supported through responsive design, a native app, or both? If a native app is available, to what extent does it support offline access?
    • Ability to support prescribed learning
      Does the system allow organizations to set up pathways, enforce prerequisites, etc.?
    • Ability to support personalized learning options
      Does the system make recommendations and suggestions based on user behavior or profile information?
    • Accessibility for people with disabilities
      We will provide pre-content to attendees about what to consider and look for when vetting learning platforms for accessibility for people disabilities, so we expect this topic to come up in Q&A. You may want to cover your company’s stance on accessibility and highlight aspects of your platform’s accessibility in your demo.
    • Support for multi-tenancy/subportals
      Does the system support the deployment of multiple independent instances of the full system that can be managed by your client? Can the system provide dedicated access pages and administrative rights for different user groups? Some of our attendees may wish to provide micro-sites to other organizations, such as chapters or affiliates, and/or to support business-to-business (B2B) selling.
  • Reserve 15 minutes for questions and answers at the end of your session. We’ll facilitate the Q&A.
    • To start the Q&A, we’ll ask you the following questions, one at a time. Your responses are a chance to highlight your thought leadership and understanding of customer needs.
      • Based on your experience, what are the key factors you’ve seen make platform implementation successful?
      • Organizations implementing a learning platform invest a significant amount of time, money, and mental energy. What does a good return on investment look like for a learning platform like yours, and what do you recommend organizations do to ensure they get a good ROI?
    • After our two questions, we’ll ask questions from attendees.

Attend Your Demo Only (But Come to the Education Sessions!)

We recognize learning technology vendors as valuable members of the learning business community and, in general, welcome and appreciate their participation in our events. In the case of Live Review, however, we recognize that many vendors will not want to demonstrate their offerings in the presence of other vendors. To respect the need for privacy and confidentiality and to ensure that demonstrating vendors do not “hold back” in demonstrating their capabilities for Live Review attendees, you are allowed to only participate in the event to provide a demo of your platforms. Employees and representatives of vendor companies may not register as an attendee for the event or attend demos provided by companies other than their own. You are, however, welcome to attend the education sessions that are part of Live Review 2023. If you wish to attend those sessions, we will gladly provide you with access.

Who’s Attending?

The goal of Live Review is to efficiently and effectively provide attendees with targeted demos of learning platforms from vendors focused on learning businesses and committed to serving organizations that market and sell lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development.

Live Review is targeted at influencers and people in decision-making roles at organizations that create, market, and sell educational experiences to adult lifelong learners. Many but not all participants will be from trade and professional associations. Regardless of their organization, what they should have in common is playing a role market-facing education business. We aren’t marketing to corporate trainers or academic institutions; our target is organizations that offer education and training to those outside their organization.

We suggest you use inclusive vocabulary during your demo—e.g., talk about “organization” instead of “association” if you’re not talking about something association-specific. Talk about “learners” and “customers” and “prospects” instead of or as well as “members” and “nonmembers.”

What Data Do You Get?

During registration we give attendees the option to receive communication from any participating vendor, only from vendors whose live demonstrations they attend, or not at all. We will share e-mail contact information with you according to the choice each registrant makes and, as relevant, will note whether the registrant attended your session. Attendees will also have access to recordings, but we will not be tracking which attendees make use of this access.

Success Check

We’ll schedule a critical 45-minute success check about a few weeks before Live Review. We might not need the full 45 minutes, but we want to make sure you’re comfortable with the technology (we’ll be using a Zoom Webinar for your demo session), that we’re clear on the flow, that you know how to get the most out of participating in Live Review, that we know how best to support you during your demo, and that you have the chance to test demonstrating your software and moving from any slides you may use to the software demo.

We’ll e-mail you with information on how to sign up for a success check slot (via Calendly or a similar technology).

Please join the success check with the same set-up you plan to use for your live demo session (see the “Tech Recommendations” section on this page).

Tech Recommendations

We recommend a hardwired Internet connection (vs. wireless) if possible, and whether you use VoIP or phone, we recommend a headset. If you do use phone, we prefer a landline for better sound quality than cell.

Social Media

We encourage you to share your participation in Live Review on social media. Doing so will help attract more potential buyers to attend and also send the message that you are a company focused on learning businesses. You can easily share the event using the social buttons on the home page of the event site ( and/or using the social buttons on your session page. However you share it, we encourage you to use the hashtags #LMS and #ReviewMyLMS.