Johannes Stiehler
Michelle Julet
15 Sep 2021
11:00 am - 11:45 am Eastern (EDT)


About the Organization

SelfStudy is on a mission to make continuous, personalized learning accessible to everyone. We use the most advanced technology and learning science to enable everyone to build the knowledge, skills, and competencies they need, to reach their fullest potential in the shortest amount of time.  SelfStudy technology creates a unique experience for each user.   From microlearning streaming with relevant updates, Continuing Education for credit, and other helpful information, we also ensure learners progress quickly and conveniently.

Your association staff will be able to create, curate, and deliver content faster and more economically and your members will increase their usage because their experience becomes uniquely relevant to them.

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About the Platform

The SelfStudy LXS platform is a complete, end-to-end solution that continuously evaluates users’ knowledge and delivers the correct sequence of learning activities to take each one on their own, individual, most efficient path to proficiency. We do this with any content, in any pedagogy, through any delivery mode.

SelfStudy is the ultimate tool for organizations to expand their services and offerings and increase member engagement. We combine the needed administrative features from traditional LMS systems with the best learning experience features available.

  • Easily import or create learning content, course designs, and tests
  • Turn content into micro bits with suggested questions on a single topic
  • Let SelfStudy generate personalized practice tests
  • Deliver on your learning site or your own branded, SelfStudy360 app
  • Use SelfStudy’s pre-designed Longitudinal Assessment and Test Enhanced Learning apps

SelfStudy: the complete solution you need for the learning program your members want.

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