Oasis LMS

by 360Factor Consulting
Tom Wong, Oasis LMS
25 Oct 2022
11:00 am - 11:45 am EDT

Oasis LMS

About the Organization


360Factor is based in Chicago, IL, and is a software development company that focuses on providing mission-critical Web applications to meet today’s fast moving business requirements. Since 2005, 360Factor has pivoted its business model to focus on its SaaS LMS platform called Oasis LMS.

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Oasis LMSAbout the Platform

Oasis LMS, an enterprise-strength LMS, goes beyond standard online education.  Oasis LMS strives to:

  • Streamline your educational product development.
  • Simplify creation of complicated and innovative products.
  • Make your content more accessible through Google-enabled catalog search.
  • Expand your audience reach through a native mobile app.

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