Knowledge Direct

by Digitec Interactive
Jack McGrath
27 Oct 2020
11:00 - 11:45 Eastern

Knowledge Direct

About the Organization

Digitec Interactive

Digitec Interactive brings the team and technology to help make your people smarter faster and saving your sanity!

For more than 20 years, Digitec Interactive has been a trusted partner, serving as an extension to internal training and education departments. Digitec combines learning technology with an award-winning team of instructional designers to create transformative learning experiences.

As a private company, Digitec has been in business since 1988, with a commitment to helping our clients succeed. Digitec is best known for the award-winning Knowledge Direct® learning management platform. Since 2003, Knowledge Direct has delivered training to over 2 million learners, worldwide.

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About the Platform

Knowledge Direct

Now more than ever, organizations are struggling to keep their people trained. But many leaders are overwhelmed. Creating training is labor-intensive, difficult to keep updated and often doesn’t show clear results. Digitec Interactive can save you time and money—using our team of instructional designers and the Knowledge Direct training platform to make your people smarter, faster.

On-demand   Training automation   Easy to use   Results  
Learners receive targeted instruction, earning continuing education credits whenever and wherever.   Learning journeys, time-spaced reminders and gamification—all these features keep learners engaged automatically!   Integrated content creation means changes are easy. Create and manage all types of training, including self-paced, webinars—even live virtual conferences.   Automated reporting for events, webinars or self-paced learning, with a built-in testing engine and competencies to ensure mastery.  


And the latest version of Knowledge Direct now offers KDconferencing.

Associations can stop losing non-dues revenue from canceled or poorly attended live annual conferences. KDconferencing allows you to create and deliver your next conference completely online.

Increase registrations, member engagement and sponsor revenue. Create a winning virtual conference with KDconferencing and the Digitec Interactive team.

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