Authentic Analytics

by Authentic Learning Labs
Brian Kalbfleisch, Authentic Learning Labs
Tamer Ali, Authentic Learning Labs
29 Oct 2019
12:00 - 12:45 Eastern

Authentic Analytics

Authentic Learning LabsAbout the Organization

Authentic Learning Labs is an employee-owned company and offers a global staff with decades of experience in education technology and publishers. We seek to build technologies that fill the gaps in current offerings and to help L&D leverage advanced technology that they can’t typically staff for or secure consistently from internal staff. We find that L&D is always borrowing or short on resources to advance its offerings. We seek to bring advance tech and talent with AI, analytics, and dynamic learning media design to such organizations.

Download the complimentary white paper “Understanding Learning Impact: How Can Analytics Connect the Dots.”

About the Platform

Authentic Analytics offers rich visualizations and analytics, dedicated to L&D and related platforms. Authentic takes in learning & talent data to present rich visualizations and charts–without programming or additional software–for clear, actionable insights delivered to key stakeholders. Built-in machine learning tools (AI) help organizations identify trends, explore outliers, and understand the needs of their learners.

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